Questions and answers regarding the Modern Work Award 2021

Questions and answers for applicants

Application process is over. Thank you!


What is purpose driven work?

Please take a look at the Modern Work Principles. In a nutshell: purpose-driven work is putting people first and helps them to embrace what they really really want to do.


What kind of initiatives can I participate with?

Valid question. You can participate with all initiatives and approaches that are going hand in hand with the Modern Work Principles and foster a better work environment. We want to see initiatives which can inspire others.

It can be a successful internal project, which has been worked its way through the whole organization. 

A successful pilot project, where you developed new work formats or processes. 

Or you basically reinvented your organization and want to share how you came there!


How can we apply and share our story? 

Please apply via the application sub-site in order to become part of the official Modern Work Award 2021.

You can additionally post about your initiatives on social media and tag @ModernWorkAward. We are happy to share initiatives. If you want to connect with like-minded people and companies we highly recommend you to join our Modern Work Family on LinkedIn!


What is not accepted and allowed?

Important that you ask! The award is all about diversity, purpose and embraced potential. We don’t accept discrimination of any kind!


Through which channels is the award being advertised?

We will advertise the award through twitter, linkedIn and instagram, on this website, through youtube and via all our partners and sponsors. Additionally we will work together with Modern Work influencers and international press. 


Is the award officially recognized?

The award will be officially recognized. You will for example have the chance to get interviewed by the international press cooperating with the award. 


What criteria does the jury base its decision on?

The jury will come to their voting based on how you embrace Modern Work in your company and your companies alignment with the Modern Work Principles. Jury members will vote on how you embraced Modern Work in your company and your story can inspire others. In addition you can also activate your network in order to vote for you! 


What means winning the Modern Work Award?

First of all it means that your company is a great place to work and can truly inspire others to strive for. Secondly you will become an official winner certificate which you can use for your employer branding attractiveness. You will also get a Winner Button which you can include on your Website or share it on social media. Besides that you will get interviewed by international press and promoted on all our social media channels. 


How many winners are there in the Modern Work Award?

We have three categories. In each category there will be a winner. You just have to decide in which category you see yourself: Modern Work Explorer, Modern Work Performer, Modern Work Shaper. What the three categories mean can be read here.


Can I apply myself or does somebody else need to suggest us?

You can only apply for yourself and your company. The reason behind this is, that we want people to take part in the award, who are willing to share their stories and initiatives so others learn from it. If you have an idea of who should participate, share the website with them and help them do their application.


How does the project get presented?

The Modern Work Award Team will prescreen all applications. The best applications will get displayed on the website.


For any further questions don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to see you interested in the Modern Work Award 2021 and hope that you will participate!


Your Modern Work team