Modern Work Award Jury 2021

The information who will be in our highly respected jury gets updated regularly. Stay excited and stay tuned! These inspiring people will judge over the participating initiatives this year. We found forward-thinkers from around the world who are thrilled to award the most promising ones.

Jury 2021

Akpene Diata Hoggar

Akpene is known by her work regarding purpose-driven programs for young people. She is co-founder of 'Creatives Anonymous Africa'. The former miss universe Ghana is devoting her publicity to help others become more aware of their potential. More information.

Khulan Davaadorj

Khulan is known as the founder of the international Mongolian brand L'hamour. As a social entrepreneur she takes a holistic approach to environmental sustainability and social responsibilities while producing organic products.

More information.

Andrew S. Nevin

Andrew is known by his efforts of the complex intersection of economics, strategy, capital markets & investment in Africa. He is the Founder of the "Africa Institute" and Partner at PwC. Andrew is driven by innovative approaches with focus on Africa. More information.

Damien Wong

Damien is a well known leader in the Asia-Pacific region. The Vice President at Confluent is a role-model when it comes to people-focused leadership, empowering teams and knowledge sharing initiatives within and beyond companies.

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Tom van der Lubbe

Tom is known for his purpose-driven approaches when it comes to reinventing organizations. As the co-founder of Viisi he created a self-organizing company. Tom is also a writer and an active board adviser for other companies. He is driven to change work environment for the better. More information.


Jodette Cleary

Jodette has a strong background in people focused approaches, culture driven changes and innovation projects. The Chief People & Culture Officer works at hipages, an Australian company which is a role-model when it comes to modern ways of working. More information.


Steven HK Ma

Steven is an Australian entrepreneur with main focus in purpose-driven leadership and growth. His life mission is to make work more human. With NoMoss he decided to change his CEO title into the CPO role - Chief Purpose Officer. He is also the director of Cause Corps. More information.

Tanya Stergiou

Tanya is passionate about bringing regeneration to organizations and communities. She has the intent to create work environments that generate autonomy, responsibility and innovation. She is the cofounder of Sociocracia Brasil and partner at Target Teal. More information.