Winners Modern Work Award 2021

Category Modern Work Explorer

1st place - JC Legal

They applied with their initiative ‘organizational reboost’. The all female superpower team is focussing heavily on a learning and sharing culture, while being in a risk averse industry. JC Legal is leading the way how the industry can change. With their ‘virtual legal clinic’ they already did a big step.


Hong Kong

2nd place - Contorion

Their Mission is to empower craftsmen and small businesses to revolutionize their industries. With their new task force, Contorion is changing the way they work, by focussing on increasing flexibility. With this they already got rid of great barriers and helped each other to focus on what matters.



3rd place - ZF Friedrichhafen AG

Their initiative is a ‘digital innovation factory’ with a global focus on modern work. They strive to decrease hierarchy in order to have faster decisions and better solutions. The initiative invented the ‘startup break lounge’ format for connecting people and bringing the good ideas on the table. 



3rd place - African Clean up initiative

Their purpose is to bring people into work and recycle more for a greener planet.

They Implemented 4 days-week while staying as productive as before. This is possible through intensive feedback loops. The outcome is already, that employees have increased creativity and less stress.



Category Modern Work Performer

1st place - Flaconi

Flaconi is focussing highly on collaboration and transparency. They have for example their weekly inhouse knowledge exchange sessions and data-driven iterative improvements. Flaconi developed the ‘traveler and settler approach’ where everybody can decide if they want to work in the office or elsewhere.



2nd place - Full Circle Funerals

 They are disrupting a traditional industry by implementing modern ways of working. Full Circle Funerals have already ‘reflecting practice circles’, incident discussions and created a people focused work environment by also learning and adapting from other industries which are already ahead. 


United Kingdom

3rd place - Qraft Mind

They have no hierarchies and instead ownership initiatives. Qraft Mind is purpose-driven in how they find suitable projects and they do it through the IKIGAI model approach. With that they are able to be self-managed and free-of-choice when it comes to hours, place and time of how they work.



Category Modern Work Shaper

1st place - Live Sciences

Lives Sciences has Modern Work already deeply embedded in their DNA. They have for example full transparent salaries and work in a self-organized teal structure. Impressive is also their ‘mindset of abundance’ - they are sharing insights with competitors in order to learn and grow together!



2nd place - MySugr

They are a true agile company where agile is not just a buzzword. With their data-driven approaches on further development and their show-and-tell sessions they share the biggest learnings and improve iteratively. If you need additional skills at MySugr you can just do that, because it will benefit you and the company.




3rd place - Chamber of industry and commerce Mittleres Ruhrgebiet

 They successfully transitioned from a traditional work approach to a people focused and skill driven work setup. They are self-organized in their work and project structures. Member companies can get inspired because they are sharing their learnings and the journey with them to spread modern work.



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