Modern Work Award 2021

+++Application Process is over+++

Applications from around the world are welcome. The application process is open till 9th of April and goes in three categories: Modern Work Explorer, Modern Work Performer and Modern Work Shaper. You'll find more information on the categories on the application site. 

We are looking for great initiatives regarding modern work and new ways of working. Share with us, how you embrace people focused work in your company.

The Modern Work Award 2021 ceremony will take place May 6th 2021!

We are looking forward to a wonderful online live event full of inspiration, international vibe and honoring great work initiatives.

You can get your tickets soon.


MOWOMIND is a German based modern work consultancy with experience in 35+ countries. MOWOMIND stands for 'modern work mind' and focusses on purpose-driven work approaches and in-house knowledge exchange.


Shaping together the recognition of modern ways of working

You want to partner up with us and make this award even better and bigger? Reach out to us!

An event full of international opportunities

Use your chance to become part of the world-wide award about modern work and the future of work. Support the international companies to share their stories, to become role models beyond their own context and help us to bring those shapers of work the recognition they deserve! Join us now and become part of the award - Join the event ceremony.