Modern Work Award 2021

Watch the livestream ceremony

The Modern Work Award 2021 ceremony toke place May 6th in 2021!

We had a wonderful online live-event full of inspiration, international vibe and great work initiatives. Take a look yourself what the applicants did in order to win in three categories.

Winners of 2021

We have had wonderful initiatives from around the world. Take a closer look on who the winners are at the first ever international Modern Work Award in 2021. We are proud to say, that it was a true diverse application pool from various fields of industry, different countries and from four continents. 


MOWOMIND is a German based modern work consultancy with experience in 35+ countries. MOWOMIND stands for 'modern work mind' and focusses on purpose-driven work approaches and in-house knowledge exchange.

Award-Partner 2021

Shaping together the recognition of modern ways of working

"An event full of international inspiration"

We say thank you and hope to see you next year for the Modern Work Award 2022! Here you find some of the feedback for the award 2021: